Our business will make life easier, more enjoyable, and healthier for the pet and their owner by cleaning yards of pet waste. We will treat all pets as well as Clients with the utmost respect.  By making use of our background in customer service, we will provide excellent service through courtesy, reliability, punctuality and thoroughness. The fulfillment of this mission will require the complete satisfaction of our customers while also providing a fair and decent compensation for the company as well as our scoopers.

Being one of the original ON DOODY clients back in 1999, my wife Kathy and her first love Shelby, a lab mix, realized the value of a Pooper Scooper Service. We “stepped into” ON DOODY as the consolidation of the banking industry began to open up some opportunities for me to go after a new career. Upon our engagement, we decided it was time to become “Entremanures”.  Our family and friends thought I had lost my mind but Kathy somehow knew I had the ability to make it in the doody business.  With our experience, my degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Tennessee and our passion for dogs we jumped in with both feet.

Currently we have 3 beautiful kids shedding all over the house, two Newfoundlands and a Red Fox Labrador.

Figs, the black Newfie, is the baby of the bunch and still loves to get into everything on the counter. She’s tall and agile and has a great view  of any leftover scraps.  She is very sneaky and one of the best snugglers ever!

Skylar, the Lab, is our oldest and wildest.  She has that ever present Lab attitude that Kathy loves.  She loves to swim, go the park and go to Grandma’s house.  Skylar’s absolute favorite thing is to chase tennis balls.  If she has just met you she will approach, drop the ball at your feet and if you throw it….. just take a seat because for the next half hour she has you in her control!

Beans, the black and white Newfie, is our big baby boy. He is super laid back and chilled out unless he is working on his Therapy Dog Visits. When the work bandana comes out you can almost see him smile.  Beans and Kathy visit local children’s hospitals and other wonderful facilities, bringing smiles wherever they go.

We conduct our business as a Family and that includes our clients.  We treat our ON DOODY Family Members and their dogs with the utmost respect.  I am always just a phone call away to answer any questions and love talking to my clients.  I have always wanted to be in a profession where I could have a close business relationship with my clients.  We do not look at this as a job.  ON DOODY to us is way more.  It is about the client, the dogs and the relationships we build with everyone.

Thank you for taking a few moments to get to know us.  We look forward to the opportunity to new and continued service for you and your furry family.  We continue to grow and thrive every year thanks to many wonderful ON DOODY Family Members allowing us to keep their yard clean, safe and doody free.