SINGLpul® Header Bags

Roll Bags are GUARANTEED to Fit Any Roll Bag Dispenser! UNIVERSAL FIT!
Roll Bags are black opaque, so you can’t see through! Standard size, commercial grade bags on a roll. Field tested to hold water for 7 days without leaking!

Roll Bag Specs:

  • Individual Bag Size: 8” W x 13” L
    • Bag Thickness: 0.7 mil, 18 microns
  • Roll Size: 3” W x 8”
    • Case of 2000 bags:
      • 3” W x 3” D x 8.5” L

Quantity Discounts

Case of 2000 bags$68 each
Case of 4000 bags$133 each
1 to 4 cases of 6000 bags$196 each
5 to 9 cases of 6000 bags$184 each
10 to 24 cases of 6000 bags$194 each
25+ cases of 6000 bags$185 each

(includes shipping or delivery)

These are Genuine Zero Waste SINGLpul® header bags. Box of 800 bags.

We originated the ONE-PULL STRAP technology. All competitors’ header strap bags are copies of our TRADEMARKED ORIGINAL! Field tested to hold water for 7 days without leaking!

SINGLpul® bags are not on a continuous, perforated roll. They are header bags, with an ingenious pull strap, that restricts dispensing to ONLY one-bag-at-a-time!

SINGLpul® bags eliminate outdated roll bag systems that require users to tear off at each perforation. Bag usage is reduced as much as 70% over traditional “roll style” bags, where users typically pull out extra bags or vandals pull out the whole roll.

The SINGLpul® bag dispenser holds 800 bags; 50% MORE bags than most roll bag dispensers.

SINGLpul® bags are black opaque, so you can’t see through! And SINGLpul® bags are 40% larger than roll bags!

Header Holes are 5″ on center and fit all header dispensers.

Qty Discounts

1 to 4$138
5 to 9$114
10 to 24$96

(*includes shipping or delivery)