Yes. Since technicians are not to climb or jump over fences, please have your gate unlocked on your service day. You may provide us with a key to the lock or tell us the combination if that will be convenient for you.  If a gate is locked when we arrive and we cannot perform the pet waste removal service, a charge is still incurred.  We will be out the next week and remove “double doody.” For safety reasons, we prefer to have a key or combination so that your gate does not stay unlocked all day until we get there.

As you would expect we deal with a lot of different gates and latches each week.  Some work great and others not so great.  ON DOODY cannot be held responsible for gates and latches that are not in good working order.  We will do our absolute best to put back bungeees, bricks, trash cans, etc that may be holding the gate closed when we leave.