Policies and Procedures

What You Can Expect:   

  • ON DOODY will treat all pets and owners with kindness, respect, and professionalism.
  • ON DOODY will thoroughly clean your yard free of pet waste, bag it, and haul it away.
  • ON DOODY will disinfect our tools after each cleanup.
  • ON DOODY will make sure your gate is secure.
  • ON DOODY will make every effort, to the best of our knowledge, to inform you of any concerns regarding your pet’s waste.

What is not included in our service:

  • ON DOODY cannot jump over a fence due to the gate being locked.
  • ON DOODY cannot scrub down patios, though we will remove the waste.
  • ON DOODY cannot enter your yard if your pet is out and is overly aggressive.
  • ON DOODY cannot service areas thoroughly with heavy leaves, high grass, rocky areas, or debris. We will do the best we can under these circumstances.


Invoicing Procedures:

  • All mailed invoices are sent on the 1st of the month for the previous months service.
  • A late charge of $5 will be added to all payments received after the 25th of the invoiced month.
  • There is a $25 fee on all returned checks due to insufficient funds.
  • Credit Card Clients will be run on the 1st day of month for the previous months service. The charge will show up on your card statement under the ON DOODY name.
  • ON DOODY may suspend service for non-payment after reasonable efforts have been made to obtain payment which may include legal action from Peppel, Grice & Palazzolo, P.C.
  • Please inform ON DOODY as your pet family increases or decreases so that we may adjust our invoicing.

You may stop service or suspend service (for short periods) with a phone call to the office, e-mail, or letter.  If you have to suspend service for more than a month, and your pet is still using the yard, there may be an additional charge on your next visit due to the additional accumulation of waste.

We are growing our customer base every month.  With proper notice, ON DOODY may need to change your weekly service day to fit into our growing routes.

1634 Dexter Woods Drive Cordova, TN 38016               *              901-753-9004              *             www.ondoody.com

Unrestricted Access to Service Area:


ON DOODY requires unrestricted access to the area to be serviced.  If you have a lock on your gate, please provide us with a key or combination to service your yard in a timely manner. Having a key is much safer and prevents the gate from being unlocked all day. Please have a properly functioning latch on your gate that is accessible from the inside AND outside. We cannot be held responsible for gates and latches that are not in good working order.

Winter/Weather/Attempted Service Policy:


Some things are out of our control.  If we are unable to service your yard due to significant snowfall, heavy rain, lightning, locked gate or an overly aggressive dog  ON DOODY will attempt to return within the next 48 hours, weather permitting, to clean your yard.  If snow is significant and remains on the ground for several days we will return on your next scheduled service day.  Since we will be taking more time and effort to pick up the excess waste on the next scheduled visit there will be no credit given.


Our Scoopers work very hard in the rain, cold and extremely hot days to keep your yard poop free and they deserve a little vacation time with their families sometimes. When this happens, we will notify you and we may temporarily adjust your service days and frequency of service during that time. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.



ON DOODY believes in rewarding our Clients who “ruff-er” other pet owners to our company.  Clients will receive 2 free services with each “ruff-erral” they send to ON DOODY, when the new customer signs up for weekly service.

ON DOODY would like to thank you for allowing us to take the “dirty work” out of pet ownership and keeping your pets “Doody Patch” clean and healthy.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, or most importantly suggestions, please contact us by phone (901-753-9004) or e-mail at lee@www.ondoody.com.

This is an agreement that the customer has read and understands ON DOODY Pet Waste Removal Service’s terms and policies as set forth on this form.

You have _____ dogs    Your weekly rate is $______     Your service day is_________


* Your monthly invoice is calculated by your weekly rate X 52 weeks then divided by 12 months.  Example for 2 Dogs:  15.00 X 52 weeks / 12 months = 65.00

You will also have your initial clean up fee included on your first invoice.

1634 Dexter Woods Drive Cordova, TN 38016               *              901-753-9004              *             www.ondoody.com