I moved from Chicago, where I had to take my dog on 5 to 6 leashed walks a day, to Memphis where I had huge yard for the dog to run in all by herself. What I discovered was that I had ZERO motivation to clean up after her, now that she’s not doing her “business” on other peoples’ property. Lee offers a valuable pooper scooper service for those too busy (or to un-motivated, in my case) to take care of their yard, at an extremely reasonable price. In addition, Lee takes a personal interest in his customers that is not often found in such service providers. ON DOODY Pet Waste Removal Service is a business I recommend with incredible frequency to friends and co-workers because of Lee’s personal attention.

MacKenzie Stonis

I have been using ON DOODY Pet Waste Removal Service for several years and cannot say enough good things about them. They are very professional and friendly, and do a great job! I always look forward to having a clean yard – thanks to them!

Gwen Smith - Cordova, TN

My two boxers can produce a lot of waste. This made the backyard a pretty hazardous place to walk. However, thanks to ON DOODY, I can work in the yard without having to worry about where I’m stepping. Also, from a veterinary perspective, removing dog waste decreases the risk of parasite transmission and the propagation of houseflies and other pests, and it helps prevent coprophagia.

Dr. David Hannon - DVM, Diplomate ABVP-Avian, Avian & Exotic Animal Veterinary Service

We have been using On Doody pooper scoopers for about 5 years now. We highly recommend Mr. Bowling and his services to everyone we know. They provide a pet waste removal service that allows us to have our pets without compromising our own enjoyment of our backyard. When you have a busy schedule, you don’t want to spend your time off cleaning up pet waste. With ON DOODY, we never worry about it. It’s efficient, reliable and best of all, affordable. We’ll be using ON DOODY for as long as we have dogs in our family.

Ken and Sallie Hall - Collierville

I have known Lee Bowling for the last two years. We are both members of the successful pooper scooping community and speak regularly on the phone and by email to discuss various business related matters. Lee’s drive and ambition are unmatched, and I am impressed with his general business knowledge, compassion for his employees and exceptional customer service. Lee also has what I feel is an uncanny marketing savvy. He knows his region and its demographic well, and seems to have absolutely no trouble turning uninformed dog owners into paying pet waste removal customers. I also consider Lee a personal friend with a great sense of humor and a willingness to listen and help whenever possible. Please feel free to contact me at any time for further information.

I saw and heard ON DOODY Pet Waste Removal ads everywhere and never paid too much attention, but to laugh at the little jokes and clever puns. One day, as our 5 year old nephew was running in the yard with our 4 dogs, he came in and said, “I think I stepped in some mud” he was so upset and thought he was in trouble that he actually began to cry. It was really cute and really disgusting! As you can guess, it was not mud! I proceeded to clean, as is the custom when people step in “mud” in your yard, how embarrassing! It was the next day I decided to mention ON DOODY to my husband, as he is the one who would (not-so-regularly) “pick up” the yard. Because we have 3 full time dogs and the 1 I occasionally bring home to foster for a little while, he was definitely up to the idea. I called and got Lee on the phone. He was so nice and friendly, he made me feel very comfortable and explained the whole process to me from yard service, to email, and door tags. We had ON DOODY for so long we joined the monthly automatic payment plan, which was awesome. Lee was great with our dogs and their “business”, soon we all became friends. As the business grew, we no longer saw Lee, but the exceptional quality of their work continued and we still keep in contact via email! As you can tell, we highly recommend the ON DOODY family to take care of your family. No matter how big, small, or smelly, they are really a great service to have and great group of people to know!

The Barrett Family & Elvis, Clifford, and Sassy - Cordova, TN

ON DOODY’s pooper scooper service is the best thing since sliced-bread! A must have if you have kids playing in the yard! Thank you for doing the dirty work and taking the smell far away!

Wendy Caen

Thank you, y’all are doing a great job cleaning up our pet waste. Our dogs are even enjoying the back yard more, not to mention as are our children.

Mike McCormick

ON DOODY had been a real “work saver” for us. When we started their pet waste removal service, we had three large golden retrievers of our own, and frequent visits from four granddogs belonging to our children. It only took a couple of weeks to realize that we needed pooper scooper service two times a week. The staff members have been very thorough, and they always search our huge yard for all the hidden surprises. Everyone has been courteous, and they all love the dogs. Our dogs run to greet them each time they come. Each one has always called if there was going to be a delay. Several of the staff members have professionally shown or trained dogs at one time, and they are always full of great ideas and helpful hints for working with our dogs. Lee has been great to work with. He has a genuine interest and love of dogs, and he frequently sends notices about dogs in need of assistance. He is involved in many community charity fund raisers for animals, and always informs his clients about activities in which they can participate. It has been a pleasure to know him and his caring staff.

Jennifer Edmonds - Germantown, TN